Roommates share a lot beyond just room space and furniture. There are fun times worth cherishing, tough times and sharing. Aditi Rindani speaks to a few roomies

They’re neither your relatives, nor your friends. Yet, they are an intrinsic part of your life…if not forever, at least for a few years. Roomies, as they’re affectionately called, are what make your life interesting, comfortable and yes, loads of fun. Cooking and gossip sessions, even heartburns, you share it all with them. AM catches up with a few room partners residing in different hostels and flats across the city to know what goes behind living together.

30, ICICI Mutual Funds Executive
22, Engineering Student (Nirma University)
Radha Krishna Hostel
Mates for 2 years

Good times Priyanka and Crupali share a great rapport, and that obviously results in them having spent many “special moments together”. Not just hanging out in the evenings, the two often go for a stroll that normally ends with a stop at the icecream-wallah. Movies on the laptop are a regular with these girls, especially with “no TV around”. Among the many good times they’ve shared, Priyanka’s favourite is when Crupali was keen on celebrating her birthday and instead of the cake, they ended up cutting a watermelon!

Bad times Attribute it to their age gap, but the two do have their share of misunderstandings as well. There have been no heated arguments, though there have been cold wars, “once in a blue moon”.

Success mantra Constant communication, standing by each other in good and bad times as well as the love and care they share is what keeps them going.

21, Geomatics Student (CEPT)
21, Geomatics Student (CEPT)
Swagatam Motels Gujarat Limited (SMG Hostel)
Mates for  4 years

Good times  Being students of the same college and hailing from the same hometown, this duo has had some good times rolling. On way back to hostel from college, there’s ample to discuss and chat about: college happenings, girlie gossips, teacher cribbing. Weekends are special to them since it’s movie time. However, it’s not just fun times they share. They freely talk about their share of frustrations as well. Discussing family, friends and “almost everything” is how life is for roomies Bindi and Priyanka.

Bad times That Bindi sleeps longer is Priyanka’s complain. Why? Because then, she is the one who has to get up earlier and compromise on her sleep. Since Bindi, who’s “less talkative”, does not react much, their fights are kept in check!

Success mantra Theirs is a case of opposites attract. A lot of compromise and chemistry goes in to theirs being a happy, well balanced relationship.

19, Engineering Student (Nirma University)
19, Engineering Student (Nirma University)
Flat on Judges Bungalow road
Mates for 3 years

Good times Be it late night parties or frequent outings and trips to restaurants, the pair enjoys it all. Their bindaas attitude helps them have fun times together. ‘No disturbance’ and ‘Keep your space’ seem to be mantras that help them have happy times together.

Bad times Fights without any base reason do lead to misunderstandings with this duo. Another thing that hurts is the internet bills that run high!

Success mantra They never back-bite and are proud of it. Another thing that the two believe in is non-interference in the other’s life.

23, Communications Student (CDC)
23, Communications Student (CDC)
University Hostel
Mates for 1 year

Good times One of the primary things they enjoy together is their morning cup of tea. What adds to the fun is that they are family friends too. This makes it interesting to live under the same roof. Sundays are fun since they translate into moving about the city, watching movies and meeting up with friends and relatives. What makes things better is that they are also from the same college, which means spending the entire day together.

Bad times Amit is disciplined and hence has some problems with the carefree and careless disposition Deepak has. There are mild ego clashes as well. Why? Because both want to have their say!

Success mantra The two have known each other since childhood. And although their tastes differ, it’s the mutual understanding that helps them sail through and make their relationship stronger.

18, B.Com Student (H L College of Commerce)
22, CFA Student, Narayana Institute,
Radha Krishna Hostel
Mates for 5 months

Good times Nisha hails from Muscat and is, therefore, especially happy with the support she gets from Tanu. They enjoy exam days by studying together, even late in the nights. It’s not all work and no play though, for the girls have fun by “bugging” people around them. Yelling out of the window, splashing water on those below, calling up friends from unknown numbers are some of the mischiefs they indulge in. What’s best is they unite and fight back whenever they get caught!

Bad times Luckily for them, there’s been no sour patch in their five-month relationship.

Success mantra Great understanding ranks high for this duo. Patience with each other and pleasant dispositions are points that add to the fun of living together.

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