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One side of the plot, which is a stinking dump, is cleaned only because it is close to the residence of ex-AUDA chief

One side of the plot is lined with trees, the other by weeds and wild grass

This rubbish dump is a blot on Prahladnagar’s reputation of being a plush neighbourhood. For residents, the heaps of garbage, hordes of cows and buffaloes and swarms of mosquitoes are more of a nightmare that sours their experience of owning a ‘dream house’.

Residents of Serene Flats in the area say they have complained to AMC authorities on numerous occasions in the past to get the area cleaned, but to no avail. Now, they are beginning to feel choked and desperate for fresh air. The residents also say the civic body has been partial for it cleans the part of the open plot which is close to the residence of former chairman of AUDA, Surendra Patel.

The other side has been turned into a dump for household waste, leftovers from eateries, plastic and paper, uncared for dry grass and cow dung. As a result, passers-by consider the plot a vast open loo and relieve themselves there.

“My wife and children cannot go to the balcony as people urinate there. The Rabari family staying there dirties the place by bathing in the open and spread cakes of dung all over. The cows and buffaloes,

attracted to the place because of the waste strewn about, create safety hazard for motorists,” said Serene Flats president Sameer Shah.

AMC looks after only one side of the plot. While one side is lined with freshly-planted trees, the other side is claimed by weeds and wild grass. Girish Trivedi, another resident, said, “People burn cow dung at night that leaves a foul smell in their entire locality. We want AMC to clean up the entire plot, put a notice board and keep a man for security.”

Residents of Tapas Bungalows, where Patel resides, use the clean side during social functions. Needless to say that the leftovers and waste end up on the other half of the plot.

Residents now seek an end to AMC’s apathy. They say their residence is hardly a ‘dream house’ with all the luxuries inside, but none in the surroundings.

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