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Sardar Patel, the ‘Iron man of India’ played a major role in country’s struggle for independence. He followed the Gandhian principles and joined him in the struggle for independence. He is remembered for uniting India post independence, where he successfully convinced 565 princely states to give up their ruler ship and join India. The problem arose when the Nizams of Junagadh, Hyderabad and Jammu and Kashmir wanted to join Pakistan. This was the problem that needed to be solved. The leaders and the British officials could seek no one more appropriate but Sardar to achieve it. It was with his sincere and dedicated efforts and strategy that these states remained the legacy of India. He carried out Bardoli and Kheda Satyagrah and worked on various other issues pertaining to non-violence, peace, abolition of taxation movement, establishing modern-all India services in the state and many more.

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