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Tarnetar is a much awaited fair of Gujarat filled with fun, romance and colors. It is organized every year for three days at a village called Tarnetar, in Surendranagar District. Its origin is linked to a legend of Draupadi’s Swayamvar where the great archer Arjun had successfully completed the feat of piercing the eye of a rotating fish with an arrow by just looking at its reflection in the water. This task won Arjun his bride Draupadi. In a similar pattern Tarnetar fair is also an ethnic celebration meant for young tribal men and women seeking their marriage partners. Also, the fair is called Trineteshwar Mahadev fair (the three eyed Lord Shiva) whose temple stands on the banks of a rivulet and opens into a beautiful kund (pond). This kund is believed to be the origin of the Ganges and hence a very pious place. Apart from these, the fair is all about folk dances, glittering costumes, ornaments, music and different arts like tattoo making and photography. The fair is growing in popularity attracting not only tribes but also people from entire country and abroad. A peculiarity of the fair is that the young prospective grooms hold umbrellas specially designed by them with beadwork, patchwork and other embellishments. And the girls wear red zimi (skirt) if she seeks a boy and a black skirt indicates that she is married. The fair is attended by more than 50000 people. This year it is scheduled on 11, 12 and 13 September. What more does one need to walk out from a hectic life to a whirlwind of fun, frolic, romance and colors?

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